THE world’s first father and daughter pole dancing duo left Britain’s Got Talent judges dazed and confused during their eye-catching audition this weekend.

Dave and Hazel Roberts, known professionally as Vertical Daze, took to the pole in front of an audience of millions, in a bid to impress TV’s Mr Nasty, Simon Cowell.

The dynamic duo, from Gorse Hill, performed their unique take on Peter Pan, complete with drawn on moustaches and sword fight.

“The best thing about performing together is I get to share it with my dad. Because we have a trusting relationship it makes the act work,” said a confident 25-year-old Hazel.

But the father and daughter were cruelly buzzed out by all four celebrity judges within 90 seconds, who said they were confused by the concept.

After being scouted and invited to audition the talented two spent three months honing their fairytale performance with jaw dropping back flips and lifts.

“We chose Peter Pan because it’s something that everyone, adults and children can relate to, and we put our own spin on it,” said Dave, 51.

A bemused Simon Cowell, on finding out the pair were father and daughter, said: “And that’s a pole?”

“This is already the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen and it hasn’t even started yet,” said baffled judge David Walliams.

Dave, who has been performing for three years , said he expected more from Walliams who said: “It’s not the best version of Peter Pan I’ve ever seen.”

Alesha Dixon added: “ I didn’t really get what the story was about.

“I was disappointed in his reaction because he is an outlandish character and he writes children’s books so I would have hoped he had the imagination to see our storyline. It wasn’t just a straight retelling, it was our own version.”

The pair, who had a mammoth 15 hour wait before they took to the pole, battled thigh and knee injuries to put on the spellbinding show.

“Simon doesn’t bother me,” said Dave.

“The crowd were really supportive. Because you’re performing I don’t think I heard the first three buzzers going off, but I had kind of expected it.”

The pole pair say they are undeterred by criticism of their act and plan to continue performing together.

“There’s nothing improper about it, what’s improper is people’s reaction. Pole acrobatics is great exercise, it’s fun and sociable and the community are great,” said Dave.

“The response we’ve had has been amazing, so many people saying good on you. I think we’ve done Swindon proud.”