MUSICAL trailblazers Shaun Buswell and Erik Nyberg are set to take their latest orchestra challenge on tour to ten different locations across England and Scotland, stopping off at Swindon on the way.

The duo have completed challenges to create pop-up orchestras at Glastonbury Festival, Edinburgh Festival, for Decca records and even a 70-piece orchestra from musicians met on the London Underground.

This month Shaun and Erik will be attempting to create pop-up orchestras from random strangers around the UK, getting them to play a mix of popular TV/movie themes and original music, as well as performing with local special guests and bands. To complete the challenge they have to play with 150 different musicians over the 10 days.

Each show will see Shaun deliver a hilarious and heartbreaking interactive presentation about the kindness of strangers, a mix between a comedy talk and a motivational speech, followed by a live musical performance from a local special guest.

The night culminates with the results of their hard work - a special pop-up orchestra concert at the end of each show, from various musicians they’ve gathered from the local area.

In true interactive style, members of the audience choose the songs performed by spinning a wheel at random, making each night unique.

The finale is the special guest joining the orchestra for an exclusive orchestral rendition of one of their songs.

Catch them at the Arts Centre, Swindon tomorrow night.

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