BOXER Luke ‘The Duke’ Watkins is not pulling any punches in hoping to catch the attention of Adidas head honchos by starring in an advert promoting their brand.

The 26-year-old was invited to team up with award-winning filmmaker Mono Ghose to create the slick commercial, which was filmed in Swindon and tells of how even champions have suffered loses but real success comes from wearing it all.

The two minute film will be pitched to the multinational sports corporation, but in the meantime the former New College student is humbled by the positivity from people in the town as it has been shared on social media hundreds of times and watched by thousands.

“It’s overwhelming,” said Luke, who lives in North Swindon. “I’ve received so much positive feedback and the response I’ve got from Swindon has been incredible.

“The opportunity came through Paddy Fitzpatrick who is my manager and coach in boxing. The director asked Paddy to create a fight scene and they were going to use actors. Paddy said ‘Why don’t you use Luke?’

“Paddy knows me well enough to know I act a bit because in a way boxing is like acting. They sent the script and I was very interested.”

In the video, which was filmed over two days in February, Luke can be seen jogging down Ferndale Road near Fitzpatrick’s Boxing Gym, catching a bus and training with Paddy.

“It’s an inspirational clip about being a champion and how they don’t tell of how they’ve lost but wear the scars of losing and that’s what makes them champions,” Luke added.

“It’s been really cool. It’s also quite surreal. I’ve got no other way to describe it than surreal.

“It’s the first time I’ve done something like this before and it’s a great experience. If the opportunity came again and fits in with my life and boxing I would grasp any opportunity and do things like that.

“I’m just a normal lad from Swindon and it shows anything is achievable.”

Explaining the reasoning behind the video, writer and director Mono, who is based in London, told the Adver: “I am a huge boxing and sports psychology fan.

“I saw that a lot of people, whether in sports or general life, were defining themselves only by the culture of winning.

“Even the best have lost, from Muhammad Ali to Mandela - and actually those who can accept the loss as being part of who they are, the ones who ‘wear it all’ - win or lose, are the true champions and role models.

“I thought this theme could elevate a brand like Adidas to connect with people on a deeper level."

And Mono added: "I had previously worked with Paddy and Luke on my ITV documentary Corner Kings, and was keen to create another sports film with them. It was great to work with Paddy and shoot at Fitzpatrick’s, and Luke worked tirelessly on a gruelling shoot.

"He was very professional and I’m sure everyone will agree, a natural in front of camera."