IT’S 1971 and my squadron and I are deep in the Vietnamese jungle trying to shelter from heavy gun fire.

Two members of my troop are locked away – padlocked in a cell – and we have no idea how to get them out but we have just one hour to do so and the clock is ticking.

Around us are a number of objects in the dark room and we hope they will lead us to keys for the padlocks to free them, not to mention ourselves to safety, but first we must tackle clues and conundrums.

There are mysterious rusty metal trucks in one corner of the room, a large cabinet with around five padlocks in the other corner, torches and a bench in the middle with playing cards, folders and notepads on top.

Trapped and wondering what on earth we are doing we scan our surroundings clueless.

Determined to find a way out, we throw ideas at each other until eventually we discover a key – hallelujah – but it’s the first of many we need to locate if we have any chance of escaping.

Thomas Kelsey, the Adver’s photographer, takes the lead, while assistant news editor Stephen Davy-Osborne is our wingman and keeps us calm despite time not being on our side with 20 minutes having already gone.

Meanwhile reporters Chris Humphreys and Thomas Haworth shout ideas out of desperation to escape the cell.

Our every move is being watched and the occasional hint pops up on the screen to guide us.

Many have been here before and failed.

Without giving too much away, with just nine minutes to spare we crack the codes to get the vital last key and escape unscathed.

And when we venture out we are no longer in Vietnam but instead former mortgage offices next to a recruitment office and beauty salon in Victoria Road, Old Town, having survived our first live escape room experience.

Incarcerated is the brainchild of mum-of-two Danielle Smith, 26, and the first of its kind to come to Swindon.

Its popularity has swept the globe from China and has finally arrived in the UK.

Broad Hinton resident Danielle was inspired by other escape rooms she has visited with husband of three years Lloyd, 26, and is eager Swindonians get a slice of the action right on their doorstep.

“I enjoyed it so much I’m bringing something brand-new and exciting to Swindon,” said the mum of Imogen, two, and Layla, six months.

“It’s a brand-new challenge for me."

Danielle had her first live escape room experience when Lloyd booked them in to try one in Manchester. But she admits they are both stubborn and competitive so she assumed it would be a recipe for disaster.

“But it was really interesting to see us locked in a room and we had to work together. We’ve tried and tested six, bearing in mind there was only two of us we have a 50 per cent pass rate," she added.

“We really liked the concept, so we thought wouldn’t it be amazing if we had something more local.”

Some of the fun for Danielle is also watching people take part.

“We have surveillance continuously running whilst the game is in play so I can monitor everything that goes on and help as and when is needed.

"Watching the CCTV run I do find it quite amusing but it is really interesting from a psychological view how people work together in a team and what their personalities are like and how they go about investigating and solving a problem in a room,” she said.

For more information go to: They are open Wednesday to Sunday until 9.30pm. Prices start from £15 per player and there is a maximum of six in a team.

Their Facebook page is here.