THE latest scenic shots of Swindon and Wiltshire have come not from one individual, but a couple with a sharp eye for a picture.

Dominika and Kamil Olszewska moved to the UK from Poland four and half years ago, initially living in Portsmouth for two years before calling Swindon their home.

Mechanical/design engineer Kamil and wife Dominika, who works in retail, said there was nothing they enjoyed more than getting out and about with their cameras.

“Photography is our passion and a way to spend every single moment of our free time and a good motivation to travel and visit the most beautiful places all over the world,” said Kamil, revealing the inspiration behind some of their submissions.

“We visited Castle Combe in May this year for the first time. With no plan and no idea what we would find there we started walking around.

"We found the manor house and its beautiful garden where we could take a break and relax on a deck chair. This 14th century hotel seemed a wonderful object for photo shoot.

“We were so impressed by Castle Combe that we decided to come there again and this time during the golden hour.

"We took a few pictures of the bridge and Dominika thought that could be a good idea to shoot that from the middle of the river so I decided to sacrifice my shoes and I stepped in the water to take a photo from a water level. The setting sun gave a lovely amber light reflecting off surrounding houses.”

Spurred on by their success of shooting near water they next visited Caen Hill Locks, although this time they kept their feet firmly on land.

“We wanted to capture this place during sunrise but because our decision to do this was quite spontaneous and late (at midnight!) we had no sleep that night. We left home at 3.30am to get there before sunrise started. When we arrived there was complete darkness. Having never been there before we had no idea where to go to get the best view of the locks. There were lots of bats flying around and we had no torch. That was a little bit scary.”

Keen photographers of the landscape, the couple then visited Cherhill, and were lucky enough to see the landmark on a warm and sunny day.

“Surprisingly the light of the setting sun, the 19th century stone obelisk and view from the hill was a good combination for these photos,” said Dominika.

“We tried to visit Avebury on a Sunday in April this year but many people had the same idea for spending that lovely afternoon so the place was very crowded and there was no parking space at all,” she said.

“That was why we gave up and went back there three months later for the sunrise. At our second attempt Avebury was totally quiet, there were only sleeping sheep with us. The atmosphere of this place was absolutely fantastic, very mysterious - perfect inspiration for photographing.

"Moreover, heavy dark clouds and the sun coming through them created a dramatic effect.”

During one journey home from one of their photographic excursions they spotted a place that offered a view of the panorama of the Swindon skyline, but they weren’t overly pleased with the results they achieved.

“On our way back Dominika noticed a Wiltshire countryside road with lots of greenery around, lots of sheep (which are our favourite animals) and a lovely sunset thatcould be a good scenery to shoot - and she was right,” said Kamil.

“Beautiful countryside is what we love in Wiltshire the most.”