HOMELESS hounds in the town have received a welcome boost thanks to the launch of a drop point for dog food, bedding and toys.

Saving Needy Dogs, known as SNDogs have teamed up with the Big Yellow Self Storage Company Swindon to provide a key location for well wishers to donate items to the dogs.

This means for the first time in its history, SNDogs has a central drop off point where charitable dog-lovers can donate canned dog food, bedding and toys to keep the animals content in the charity’s care.

Clare Fantini-Stephens, from SNDogs, said the new drop-off point had already gained a positive response.

“We have noticed an increase in the number and variety of products we’re getting. We’re getting dog beds and specialist dog food so the new location has really worked for us,” she said.

“With lots more dogs coming in we are always in need of lots of donations. We know that to receive them, the community needs easily accessible locations and Big Yellow have been kind enough to offer that, so we’re thrilled”.

Clare said after the heart-breaking theft of £300 worth of dog food in May, she reached out to Big Yellow for help with storage, but received a welcome surprise.

“They said they could help with a drop-off point which would be more central for us and of course we jumped at the chance, it really does help us out and make it easier for us,” she said.

“We use a series of vets as points for people to drop off items but we didn’t have a central point. As Big Yellow is in Drakes Way it is easier for people living in the centre to get to.

Tom McDowall, assistant store manager at Big Yellow Swindon, said: “Once we heard that SN Dogs was looking for a central drop off point in town we instantly wanted to help, as dog lovers and supporters of local charities.

“It made sense for us to be involved, as we are an easy to reach, noticeable location for the public to drop off canned food and bedding. We’ve even had a visit from a few of the foster dogs too which was a welcome treat.”

There is more to celebrate as the newly-formed charity is ringing in its most successful year to date with a record 60 dogs rehomed since January.

“It is what we’re all about. Yes we love to fundraise and going to all of our community events but what means the most is knowing our dogs go to loving new homes and have long and happy lives,” Claire said.