A REVOLUTIONARY app designed to keep children safe on their phones has been launched by a team based in Cricklade.

The app, created by entrepreneur Alex Mitchell’s firm Supotco, allows parents to remotely manage the download and screentime of apps and games, decide which websites their child can visit and screen their calls and contacts. It can even locate where their youngsters are.

Its creators believe it is a world-first, with no other app offering such comprehensive protection features for children.

Alex, who has had a long career in telecoms, had his lightbulb moment when his son Artyom asked to have his own first mobile phone.

“There isn’t anything at all out there at the moment which is like this,” he said. “There are apps which have some of the features we have, but nothing which brings them all together.”

He explained: “Our aim is to enable parents to manage the inevitable introduction of their children to the interconnected world.

“Supotco allows parents to provide a simple way for their children to avoid unnecessary contacts, harassment and cyber bullying when using a mobile phone.

“If the parent does not add a feature, app or contact then the child cannot access that feature and neither can that feature access the child.”

Already, mobile network operators are expressing an interest in offering Supotco as part of a package for customers.

The firm, which has a six-strong team has already attracted investment of around £130,000. Further funding will help the team develop the app and expand its market.

Children need an Android phone to operate Supotco, with the parents using an online dashboard to customise it, which can be accessed from any smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop.

And it isn’t just aimed at parents. The app has an emergency button feature, which means it could be a much cheaper alternative to panic buttons older people use to call for help.

The app de-activates every piece of functionality on any android phone on any network, rendering it completely docile, unable to send or receive calls or messages or to access websites or apps. Through a dashboard, parents can gradually bring the phone back to life by setting the rules on who their child can call or message and who can call or message them, which apps they can access and which websites they can visit.

It also lets parents see where their child is on a map and the child can call for help at any time by holding down their contacts button. Parents will receive the help request from the children with instant current location and status information.