KIND little Oscar Moulding is on a mission to send a special gift to help his disabled friend Sophija in Bosnia become more mobile.

The eight-year-old Robert Le Kyng Primary School pupil, who has muscular dystrophy like Sophija, wants to raise more than £800 so he can ship the £9,500 motorised wheelchair he has outgrown to his international pal, hopefully in time for Christmas.

He has been friends with Sophija for many years and understands her difficulty of having a manual wheelchair, which is why he is so determined to help his friend be more independent and able to play with her younger brother.

“I think Sophija will be happy when she gets it,” said Oscar, who lives in Old Town.

He plans to take the yellow wheelchair with his mum Alexandra to Bristol where it will be serviced by the company they bought it from, making it in in tip-top condition ready to be shipped.

But first Oscar needs the money for the shipping and to help Sophija’s parents with the costs of adapting the seat. He has a few fundraising ideas up his sleeve, including inviting his school friends to wear yellow on the last day of term in October.

His mum Alexandra, 40, said: “He has a spare wheelchair, which seems quite greedy, and we have been in touch with this family for years.

“Oscar and Sophija are the same age and he understands what it is like – there are days when he has to be in a manual wheelchair and it’s very frustrating. I think he understands that is something he can change for Sophija.”

Alexandra first become in touch with Sophija’s family through a Facebook group for parents of children with Oscar’s condition – merosin deficient congenital muscular deficiency.

“We’ve been through quite a lot together,” she added.

“It’s something that has been on the table for a while and now it’s happening Sophija is very excited.

“We are so lucky to have everything here provided for us. Oscar is so fantastic and very sunny natured – he’s a magic boy.”

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