HOMEOWNERS who bought new houses in a "heavenly location" say they have suffered a year of hell.

Some of the residents of Portland Avenue, in Angel Ridge, took to the streets on Saturday to protest outside the offices of Miller Homes because they say they have not had the service they deserve.

The company insists it always acts swiftly to resolve any complaints and says unhappy customers are the last thing it wants.

The residents say the problems include faulty boilers, poor paintwork and a lack of fencing around the houses.

The fed-up residents handed out leaflets outlining their complaints to potential buyers as part of the protest.

Nadia Lewis, her partner Graham and children Aidan, 14, and Asha, six, moved into a £235,000 four-bedroom town house on March 31 last year.

"Since then it has been one thing after another," the 38-year-old said.

"All sorts of things have gone wrong. You appreciate there will be some problems with a new house but it's gone on and on."

The family have had problems with poor paintwork and the heating.

The flue in their kitchen was also faulty and rather than extract fumes it pumped them back into the house.

They are also waiting for some promised metal railings to be put up outside the house and someone is coming out this week to fix a faulty fire door.

"Theses are meant to be prestigious homes," she said.

"It's not acceptable. They call it a heavenly location and it is lovely but they're just not interested now they have had our money.

"We handed out leaflets to people thinking of buying a Miller house to make sure people are aware of the situation."

Neil Couling and his partner Emma and their children Beatrice, three and Oscar, one, moved into a three-bedroom house in the street a few weeks after Nadia.

Neil, 35, who was also handing out leaflets on Saturday, said: "We have had a massive list of problems.

"We have had both boilers replaced after a year of trying to convince Miller there was a problem and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

"We have had ongoing problems to get the railings they promised at the front."

In fact, Neil has got so tired of being fobbed off each time he asks about the railings that his solicitor has now written to Miller twice on the matter.

"We are still waiting for a response from the first letter," he said.

"The customer services are absolutely appalling.

"You pay your money in good faith and it's like banging your head against a brick wall. It's been hell."

sales director Ann Crick said: "We do pride ourselves as a company on our customer services and we always respond as quickly as we possibly can.

"Before the Adver contacted us we had already arranged to go round to see this woman.

"Obviously we don't want any customers that feel unhappy because that's not the way we operate.

"It's of utmost importance that our customers are happy."