SMOKERS will not be able to light up at Swindon Central Bus Station from next week when it becomes smokefree

The ban takes effect from Monday when people will no longer be allowed to smoke on the premises except in the allocated smoking area.

Mum-of-two Kerry Mansfield, 35, works as a quality inspector for Stagecoach and hopes the move will help take away the temptation to slip back into the habit which started when she was just 14.

But it was her own daughter Davina who steered her in the right direction to quit.

Kerry, from Abbey Meads, said: “This ban is brilliant – smoking is no longer socially acceptable these days. It’s odd now to think I started as a schoolgirl on the back of a bus and have been battling the addiction ever since. But I’m determined to stop for good this time – if only for my nine-year-old daughter’s sake because I know how much it means to her. She was always asking when I would give up. It breaks your heart when your own child says: ‘It will kill you!’”

In addition to her daughter’s nagging, there’s another sad reason for Kerry’s renewed efforts to give up.

She said: “My gran has cancer and is undergoing chemo – it has spread to her liver and lungs. That’s when it really hits you that smoking is lethal. I can’t go back to it now.”

Kerry has been smokefree for the past month and the change has kick-started a whole new healthier lifestyle.

She said: “I’m eating the right things now and exercising much more. I’ve lost one and a half stone already. It’s great – getting smoking out of my life has made this possible because I can walk for miles without getting out of breath.”

Feeling more energetic, along with Davina’s encouragement, is keeping Kerry motivated.

She said: “I can do lots more now and feel so much better in myself. Davina is also very supportive and keeps checking up on me, which reminds me why I’ve got to stick with it. There are so many benefits I’d be mad not to.”

In addition to health improvements, Kerry is also welcoming the boost to her family finances as well as being rid of the unpleasant smell. She said: “Smoking is so expensive and makes everything stink. I’m free of the disgusting smell and the extra money will help to pay for a nice holiday in Spain. It’s a win-win.”

Kerry is in good company having stubbed out the habit. The latest figures show that smoking rates in the South West are now at a record low of 15.5%, with sales of cigarettes falling some 14% in the region over the past year alone.

Shelley Usher, operations manager at Stagecoach, said: “We are pleased about this forthcoming change because it means cleaner air for bus passengers and our staff alike.

"Public feedback shows that people are supportive and it will hopefully help to deliver a happier, healthier experience for all our customers.”

Coun Brian Ford, Swindon Borough Council cabinet member for adults’ health and social care, said: “It’s great that Kerry and her family are already experiencing the many benefits of quitting smoking. I wish her all the best on her smokefree journey and hope her example encourages others to stop too.

"It’s important that people can go about their daily business without being blighted by the unpleasant smell or damaging effects of passive smoking.

"Making the bus station a smokefree zone is another important step towards achieving this.”

Smokers are also encouraged to call on the Swindon Stop Smoking Service, which offers free expert 1-1 advice and practical guidance as well as nicotine replacement options. Getting professional support is proven to significantly increase the chance of quitting successfully.

For free advice and help call 0800 3892229 or 01793 465513or text 07881 281797 or email

Pharmacies or GPs also offer support to stop smoking.