A CHARITY which finds loving new owners for homeless hounds is celebrating a record year of adoptions.

The dedicated work of Saving Needy Dogs, better known as SNDogs has resulted in 110 dogs finding forever homes in just 12 months.

From strays, to those left homeless through bereavement, and even dogs adopted from the continent, the charity has widened its reach in its most successful rehoming year to date.

Clare Stephens from the charity said: “It is absolutely fantastic news for us. I feel like people are becoming more aware of the charity and the work we do and Swindon is a town of dog lovers so it’s been a landmark year

One of these is nine year-old tan and white crossbreed Gizmo. The quirky pooch who can be distinguished by his different sized ears was brought over from a Spanish rescue.

After eight months in foster care the partially deaf pooch has found his forever home in Bristol.

“Gizmo is such a lovely boy, he’s put up with everything that has been thrown at him and he’s so affectionate so we are delighted for him,” said Clare.

And the biggest Christmas present of the year has seen black and white border collie Ziggy find a loving new home after one year with the charity.

Ziggy was rescued from a shelter in Spain after many years in kennels and at age nine is looking forward to a cosy retirement.

Clare said: “The best Christmas present we’ve had is Ziggy being adopted. We have worked so hard to make sure he gets the perfect home for him.

"He was a shy boy when he arrived, probably from being in kennels, and he has blossomed since."

This year SNdogs longest standing resident, brindle staffie Megan, who was in their care for four years after being picked up as a stray was rehomed.

Due to her timid nature and a previous attack from another dog lovable Megan had struggled to find a loving permanent home.

This week alone they rehomed a record six dogs.

Clare praised the support of the public whose unrelenting support has enabled the charity to continue its vital work.

“When we were broken into the people just rallied round us," she said.

"They were so supportive giving us pallets of food and equipment for the dogs. They are our main priority and we will do whatever it takes to care for them.”

With a further influx of needy dogs expected in January, the charity are looking forward to the year ahead where they hope to break the rehoming record.

Formed in 2012, SNDogs was designed to save innocent animals from dog death row and helps stray and pound dogs in the town find loving new homes.

Their network has now expanded to include a pool of 15 pre-vetted foster carers who provide accommodation for dogs in need.

The charity covers all food, training and veterinary bills until a suitable forever home can be found for them.

For more information visit www.sndogs.uk