SNDOGS have seen their New Year kick off with a bang and plenty of barks after they took in seven dogs in one go.

Beautiful border collies Midnight, Tara, Star, Moss, Toby, Teddy and Jake were rescued by the charity on Monday after their owner died suddenly.

With the charity’s network of foster carers full to capacity, founder Jessie Bascombe made the unprecedented move of taking the entire magnificent seven into her home.

“It has been a little chaotic but we are assessing the dogs and they have lovely characters and would make great additions to any home,” said Jessie.

“They are beautiful animals and they have been through a lot so myself and the other dog walkers are just working on getting them settled and used to walks and cuddles.

“It has been a bit of a bombardment and a bit chaotic but it is worth it to make sure they are in a home.”

The blue merle, white and tri-colour border collies join four other homeless hounds and a ferret currently being fostered by Jessie.

Multi-tasking Jessie has also sorted care for snakes and fish found in the property

“I think the previous owner started off with two border collies which had a litter of seven puppies and it started from there,” she said.

“Border collies are full of energy and have lively personalities, they are fantastic pets to have for someone who is experienced with dogs.

“Some of the dogs that are 13 may do well with slightly older owners as they are more chilled and relaxed.”

The charity is looking to rehome the dogs in pairs or groups and would like to keep Jake and Moss together as they are brothers.

Jessie is also appealing for dog fosterers to come forward who could provide temporary accommodation for the homeless hounds.

SNDogs make a lifetime guarantee to provide care for an animal. This means if an owner who has adopted a dog passes away, the charity will take the dog back in and find them a new home.

Formed in 2012, SNDogs was designed to save innocent animals from dog death row and helps stray and pound dogs in the town.

The charity covers all food, training and veterinary bills until a suitable forever home can be found for them.To donate, to become a foster carer or to adopt any of the dogs visit