A BOROUGH councillor who represents Liden and Eldene is putting himself forward for one of the vacant seats on Nythe Parish Council.

Veteran Labour councillor Derique Montaut has taken the decision following the approval of plans that will see Eldene and Liden merged with Nythe as part of the introduction of parishing across the borough.

Unlike the rest of the previously un-parished area, Liden and Eldene will not be part of a shadow parish in the run up to their merger in April. Instead, the sitting councillors on Nythe Parish Council are expected to take decisions on services and precepts for an area they have not been elected, at either a borough or parish level, to represent.

Coun Montaut, said: “I will be standing as a Labour candidate in the Nythe parish elections. I am not happy that Nythe council will be agreeing a precept and the quality of services before people from Liden and Eldene have the chance to stand on the new parish.

"If elected my aim will be to make sure that the voices of my constituents are heard on the parish council during this important period."

Nythe Parish Council is not currently quorate. With only two councillors, Dale Heenan and Kevin Parry, they cannot take binding decisions at meetings. 

The call for candidates was put out last month in an effort to address the shortage ahead of a busy few months for parishes in Swindon. 

Elections will only be held if enough candidates come forward to stand. If they do not, then those who have put themselves up for election will be installed automatically.

Coun Montaut added: "I have said before that I am worried about Liden and Eldene joining this parish. With four clerks being employed in just two years and not even enough Parish Councillors to take legally-binding decisions the Parish Council can best be described as dysfunctional."

If elected, Coun Montaut is expected to use his position on the council to back calls by Nythe residents asking to be kept separate from Liden and Eldene. 

He would rather that his borough council ward of Liden, Eldene and Park South is all under the control of the new Central South parish.

Prospective candidates have until January 13 to put themselves forward to stand in Nythe.