IN a dark corner of the Dockle Farmhouse a group of film buffs discussed how best to dress up the living dead.

The dinner at the Stratton pub was the first meeting of volunteer make-up artists, who will do their best to bring some gruesome realism to the Afternoon of the Rat-Faced Zombies.

The film is being shot by Vince Pike, David Watkins and John Wilson of Antisocial films during August and September.

More than 200 Swindon residents have put their name down to play the part of a zombie, and so co-ordinating their blusher and eye make-up will be a tall order.

Vince, 37, from Moredon said: "We had a fantastic response from people who read the Advertiser appeal for help.

"We have arranged where we are going to do our filming but we need to arrange who will be doing what make-up."

Corinne Amor will be one of the volunteers stepping into the breach.

The 22-year-old from Taw Hill recently passed a foundation degree in media make-up from the University of Plymouth, and she said: "I read about it in the paper and thought it was something I really wanted to do.

"I have a soft spot for zombie films and the fact that this was being shot close to home was a real attraction."

The filming will take in some of Swindon's most recognisable buildings.

Director of Photography John Wilson, 43, said: "We are going to shoot in the bowels of the Wyvern Theatre, which is a very spooky location.

"We also have permission to film on the roof, which resembles an empty street, so that will allow us to film uninterrupted."

Antisocial Films has previously shot a horror movie in Swindon, called Antisocial Behaviour, and it has recently been released in America.

Scriptwriter David Watkins, 46, said: "It took a long time to reach the market but it was worth all the effort of the project."