PET-FRIENDLY properties are on the increase in the town thanks to a collaboration between an animal rescue charity and an estate agent.

Commercial Road based Parkers Estate & Letting Agents are on the look-out for furry friend loving landlords as part of their new pet-friendly property scheme with SNDogs.

Landlords who sign up will be offered full pet-referencing from vets and previous landlords, regular inspections of their properties and a full deep clean at the end of a tenancy

SNDogs volunteer Deb Findlow, who works at Parkers dreamed up the scheme after the end of a relationship left her with little housing options for her dog Daisy and cat Bosco

“I’ve been in this situation myself and it’s not easy. It is very difficult to find a pet friendly property and landlords are missing out on tenants because of their stance on having pets.

“I started researching why landlords didn’t allow pets. Often it was because of the smell, dirty carpets, damage, fleas and noise. I began working out how we, as an agent, could tackle those problems on their behalf.

“I already knew there were hundreds of tenants out there with pets. Every property we brought to the market had a flood of enquiries ‘does the landlord accept pets.

“We will talk to tenants, provide a full profile of the pet along with background checks to make sure it will be a successful let.”

And Deb said the scheme is already taking off.

“We have signed up around five landlords so far with more expected to come in and that is such great news for people with pets .”

According to the National Association of Residential Property Managers, more than 70 per cent of tenants have a pet.

The scheme is also good news for the charity whose team of volunteers are often are left to pick up the pieces and take care of animals left homeless through strict tenancy rules.

Clare Stephens from the charity said:“When something like that happens it almost feels like you are taking someone’s baby away from them. It is very distressing and of course if it helps one, two or three people not have to part with their pet then it makes all the difference.

“I think a lot of landlords have this misconception that pets will destroy a property, make a mess everywhere and leave fur on all the furniture. But they can really make a difference in a good way.

“ More often than not pet owners will pay a bit more to have a pet with them and dogs can protect a house or cats can be used as pest control.

“We are delighted this is happening because it is heartbreaking when animals are separated from their owners because they can’t find a house.”

For the whole of March Parkers will reduce their management fee for landlords to 10 per cent and offer a further 20 per cent discount for an initial Inventory/Check In and 15 per cent donation to SNDogs.

If you are an interested landlord email or call 01793 511 222