SERIOUS concerns have been raised about plans to build two 10 metre high chimneys at the Marshgate Waste Transfer Station in Stratton.

On Tuesday night, members of Stratton St Margaret Parish Council’s planning committee discussed the proposal and heard emotional pleas from residents imploring them to object.

The plans, submitted to Swindon Borough Council two weeks ago by an agency on behalf of Bromview Ltd, include the installation of two biomass boilers, intended to burn wood, to be placed along the northern boundary of Marshgate Waste Transfer Station.

For this to go ahead, two 10 metre high chimneys would also have to be erected.

Jean Mackeddie, a local resident who has lived in Stratton for 40 years, pleaded with councillors to oppose the plans.

A passionate Jean said: “I strongly believe it is totally inappropriate to put these chimneys here. There will be a huge increase in traffic levels and the roads simple won’t support it.

“It takes a while to get anywhere in the car as it is and this will make it much worse. Trucks will be going backwards and forwards carrying waste all day and we can’t have that.

“Also, I have asthma and I don’t welcome the fact that they will be building two 10 metre high chimneys so close to a residential area. Why do we need this and why should it be placed here? Why would our parish council agree to have something like that here?”

Each 999kw boiler will require a flue extending to a height of 10 metres and will be housed in one of the existing buildings.

Coun Barrie Jennings, who first brought the plans to the attention of residents, said: “My concern is that the people in that area have suffered a lot because of the fires at the Marshgate plant and this proposal is like a red rag to a bull. This needs to be looked at very closely.”

The Marshgate site has been the subject of much controversy in recent years as fires ravaged the plant in 2013 and 2014, with the Environment Agency declaring it a “catastrophe”.

Last year, Lee and David Averies, directors of Averies Recycling Swindon Ltd, based at Marshgate, pleaded guilty to breaching environmental regulations at their waste sites.

However, it has been confirmed that the Averies brothers are not behind the current planning application.

Coun Claire Crilly suggested meeting with the developers to allow councillors to make a more informed decision.

She said: “Can we get the company to come and explain things in a bit more detail? We would have nothing to lose by asking them to come along.”

The committee agreed to reject the plans until they had more information regarding the potential effect the chimneys could have on the environment.