THRONGS of music lovers lined the streets of Swindon on Saturday morning patiently waiting to get their hands on some top quality merchandise.

The tenth annual Record Store Day saw vinyl enthusiasts from all over the town head to RPM Records in Old Town and Holmes Music in Faringdon Road to seek a treasure trove of priceless collectors’ items.

One man, 53-year-old Dave O’Neil, from North Swindon, had been queueing outside RPM Records since 6am and was desperate to come away with something very special.

Dave has been a vinyl lover for most of his life and Record Store Day is always an important date in his calendar.

He said: “It’s an absolute pleasure to be standing here today. I love coming along to these sorts of events and seeing what’s on offer.

“This shop hasn’t been open very long and I think it’s wonderful that there are people out there willing to take the plunge and open stores that specialise in vinyl records.”

Asked what it was he hoped to come away with, Dave said: “I believe there will be something interesting from David Bowie and I’m hoping that I can pick up something by Prince, what with it being the anniversary of his death.”

Record Store Day, which is celebrated worldwide, gives vinyl lovers the chance to purchase special releases and collectors’ items made exclusively for independent shops.

Across the globe hundreds of artists also use Record Store Day to make special appearances and give exclusive performances. 

RPM’s co-managing director Gregg Miszkowski said: “We didn’t really know what to expect because it’s our first Record Store Day event, but we were flabbergasted when we arrived this morning to see so many people queueing outside.

“There was just a constant stream of people coming into the store and we couldn’t put things through the till fast enough.”

The shop hosted live music throughout the day and had snacks and trinkets on offer for shoppers.

Vinyl collector Martin Currie, 47, had made the trip from Highworth to peruse the shelves.

He said: “I am a massive Led Zeppelin fan, so I would be over the moon if I could find something from them.

“I have a collection of more than 1,000 vinyl records at home and it’s always good to add to it.”

Paul Holmes, who organised the day’s activities at Holmes Music, said: “We had around 300 to 400 special editions on sale today and a lot of interesting stuff.

“We came down to the shop at about 5.30am and there were a couple of dozen people waiting outside at the time.

“Record Store Day is always a great event, though it’s very tiring as we don’t manage to get much sleep the night before.”

Victoria Road coffee shop Baila also got in on the act with live DJ sessions throughout the day and a special pop up vinyl sale curated by local collectors.

Why not let us see what you bagged?