MORE people say they have been spooked by military aircraft flying low through the skies of Wiltshire.

Sheep farmer Kay Lacey, from Ogbourne St George, says she was shocked when she saw a plane swoop down over her house.

It comes after the Adver’s article on Friday about Jackie Guscott, of Studley Grange, who claimed the low-flying aircraft had caused her pregnant sheep to miscarry.

Miss Guscott said it happened about 5.15pm on April 10. Miss Lacey also said she saw a plane fly over her farm at 4.55pm on the same day.

She said: “I heard a roar and looked up towards the sky. A large military-looking plane loomed over me from behind the roof of the house.

“It banked sharply to the right and flew over my cousin’s barn. If it hadn’t banked it would have hit a steeply rising downland, I honestly thought it was going to crash.”

RAF Brize Norton is the largest military airfield in the area. Like Miss Guscott, Miss Lacey has reported the incident to the Ministry of Defence and said she was told that the only aircraft flying over north Wiltshire at the time was an Airbus A400M with four propellers.

She added: “Ever since the incident, I’ve had flashbacks, it was terrifying.

“It was utterly irresponsible for a plane to be flying at such low height, maybe 100 to 200 feet off the ground.”

Melksham resident David Gazzard also said he was frightened by a similarly low-flying plane in early April when it flew over his car as he was driving home through Wroughton.

He said: “The plane swooped down into the valley and I thought it was going to crash... It came down so low that I swerved onto the other side of the road.”

An RAF spokesman said: “The MOD takes the issue of safe low flying extremely seriously and understands that military low flying can be unpopular but it remains an essential part of operational training.

"The MOD strives to ensure that such disturbance is kept to an absolute minimum. Military aircrew don’t fly over livestock deliberately and will always try to avoid them whenever it is safe to do so.”