VOTERS in North Swindon will see a partial re-run of the 2015 General Election when they go to the polls on June 8.

Labour’s Mark Dempsey, who came second behind Conservative Justin Tomlinson last time around, has been selected to contest the seat again.

Mr Tomlinson, who is seeking a third parliamentary term, is defending a majority of more than 11,000.

But Mr Dempsey says he is ready for the challenge.

“I am delighted to have been selected to be Labour’s candidate for North Swindon at the General Election,” he said.

“I live in North Swindon, I am a local councillor and I work as a sustainability manager.

“As a local resident I believe that Swindon is a town with huge potential.

“I am ambitious for Swindon and as a local councillor I have worked positively to try and build a better future for our town – pressing for speedier progress on the regeneration of our town centre, campaigning for a higher school standards and a university for Swindon; and standing up for our residents when they need help and a strong local voice.

“I am proud to have helped resolve the Averies Waste Crisis and to have stopped waste being dumped at the Groundwell Park and Ride.

“That is the kind of MP that I would be: championing Swindon, providing a strong local voice for residents and working hard to help transform our town.

“As a local resident and local councillor I can see that Swindon needs a Labour government to stand up for the many and not the privileged few – and enable us to build a better future for our town.”

Labour got its Swindon campaign off to a high profile start last month with a visit from Jeremy Corbyn.

Mr Dempsey was asked to introduce his party’s leader on that occasion, but just last year he called on him to stand down.

Signing a letter alongside 56 other former parliamentary candidates, he warned that under Jeremy Corbyn his party was in “great danger of facing a crushing defeat if there were a snap General Election” later that year.

What is clear is that Mr Dempsey intends to put school standards and the NHS at the heart of his message to voters.

Highlighting Ofsted’s damning criticism of Swindon schools and the strains being faced at the Great Western Hospital, he pointed the finger of blame at the Conservative government.

He was also critical of cuts in local government funding that have seen libraries threatened and the closure of Sure Start Centres and other services.

On Brexit, Mr Dempsey said a good deal with the EU, free from tariffs and trade barriers, was vital for Swindon and in particular for major employers such as Honda and BMW.

He added: “That’s why we need a Labour government and why I am proud to be Labour’s candidate.

“To ensure parents and children have the great schools they deserve, to save our NHS once again, and to build a better future for our town.”

Conservative candidate Justin Tomlinson, who has represented the seat in parliament since 2010, wasted no time in taking the fight to his Labour opponent.

Mr Tomlinson said: “I am very surprised at his selection as he was trying to stand for election in other seats elsewhere, failing to show commitment to North Swindon.

“He has already called for Corbyn to resign and admitted that resident after resident is turning away from Labour, a disastrous start to his campaign.

“Our country has a clear choice: strong and stable leadership with Theresa May through Brexit and beyond or chaos with Jeremy Corbyn.

“I have been proud to champion my fellow local residents for the last seven years helping to deliver strong business growth, record employment and significant extra funding for our local NHS, schools and infrastructure projects.

“I have the energy, enthusiasm and determination to continue to put Swindon first.”

The confirmation of Mark Dempsey's candidacy takes the number of names on the ballot in North Swindon to four.

The Green Party's Andy Bentley will be standing in his first General Election while UKIP's Steve Halden, who contested the seat in 2010, will be standing again.

The Liberal Democrat candidates have been chosen and a name will be released within the next 24 hours once party members have been informed.