A CUTE canine with a unique appearance has finally found a loving home, after more than five months in the care of an animal rescue charity.

Black and grey cross-breed Shearer has been fostered by charity SNDogs since the beginning of the year.

The playful pooch has a large, non-dangerous fatty lump on his abdomen which SNDog volunteers believe put off potential owners.

Shearer is also a slightly older dog at 13, meaning he was often overlooked in favour of other younger dogs despite being in excellent health.

But, after nearly six months, Shearer has finally found his happy ending after he was adopted by a couple who live in the country between Lyneham and Calne.

And he won’t be short for company in his new home as he joins a fellow dog, two cats, a pig and some chickens.

Claire Fantini-Stephens from the charity, said: “It is fantastic news. Shearer is such a wonderful, loving boy and he is going to have the best life with his new owners.

“His fosterer is sad to see him go, as we all are, but it means that another dog has a loving home and we couldn’t be happier for him.”

Shearer is SNdog’s 49th adoption of the year.

It is hoped the perfect pooch’s placement will spark a flurry of new adoptions for canine senior citizens.

Blu, an 11-year-old friendly and loving Collie is on the look-out for a new home along with 13-year-old tri-colour collie Star.

To adopt any of the dogs, or to become a fosterer, visit sndogs.uk