THE people of Cricklade will be able to watch one their own taking to the stage tonight for the live semi-final of Britain's Got Talent tonight.

Christine Tew, 65, is a retired registrar and nurse. But not content with the idea of putting her feet up, she now lives a new life as DJ Dizzy Twilight.

When she first walks onto the Britain's Got Talent stage to audition dressed in a cardigan tonight the judges will be wondering what on earth she was there for.

But within seconds all doubts will be cast aside as she whips it off to reveal a snazzy, sequinned dress.

She is expected to wow the crowd, shedding the stereotype pensioner persona to perform a bass-thumping DJ set instead.

But when she's not on national TV, Christine lives an ordinary life in Cricklade with her husband of 44 years, Malcolm.

The former Swindon Borough Council registrar has always had a love for music but it was only five years ago that she took the unusual decision to get behind the decks.

In 2015, she even spent the summer in Ibiza, taking in the sights and sounds of the planet’s greatest clubbing destination and picking up some tips and tricks from the greats of dance music.

Age has proved no barrier for Christine, she has even taken courses with the Ministry of Sound to master the craft.

“I never thought I would do any more than be playing in the bedroom at home or in the kitchen sometimes,” she said.

“But when people were asking me to do gigs for them I took it more seriously, did all the right courses and learned how to do it properly.

“I want to be seen as a credible DJ.”

Christine hasn't always been Dizzy, for many years she was more used to being called 'mum' by her four children.

“The boys all had different bits of equipment at the house and I was always hovering over them,” she said.

“I would ask them to play a track again if I liked hearing it in the house.

“When they’re all back at Christmas I have everything I need at the home to play a gig and they’re always shouting at me to turn my music down.”

Since her retirement, she has amassed an enviable collection of music on the computer system she takes from venue to venue for the gigs she is paid to play.

She continues to watch DJ sets on YouTube of the likes of Avicii and Tong to seek out ways to make her set even stronger.

With her Britain's Got Talent star showing under her belt, Dizzy will be hoping to take her DJ career to the next level and prove once and for all that pensioners can rock the party too.

  • Britain's Got Talent is on ITV1 today at 7.30pm.