AN ARTIST who turned his passion into a profession has moved to a new studio and begun teaching workshops as his business goes from strength to strength.

Nathan Pegler left his job at Honda after 20 years to start his own small business as an illustrator, NJP Pastel Art.

After three years of hard graft, he’s had his work showcased in exhibitions and just appeared as a guest at Swindon Comic Con.

He’s currently settling into his new studios in Winterbourne Bassett and looking forward to teaching his second ever workshop.

Nathan said: “The scenery’s fantastic and I have more space here so I’ve been able to start my new workshops, it’s really exciting.

“Teaching was something that I’ve wanted to do as an artist for some time, I want to pass on knowledge, help people get involved in art and find their creative side.

“I was quite naive when I started, I thought I’d get successful very quickly and after three years I’m starting to get the success I envisaged.”

Nathan hopes to eventually diversify from his current workshop group’s age range of seven-to 14-year-olds and teach amateurs and enthusiasts of all ages.

The 44-year-old’s also branching out into pen and ink art after mainly working with pastels to produce landscapes, seascapes and fantastical sci-fi creations.

The latter makes him the ideal guest for comic and sci-fi conventions and he’s preparing to go to several of them across the country over the next few weeks.

He said: “It was a thrill to be at Swindon Comic Con with my own poster above me at my own table, it’s been a fabulous opportunity.

“There’s been more interest and commissions since then and I’m thrilled to get the work and the challenge, it’s all heading in the right direction and going really well.”