A SWINDON drink and drug addict who relies on his mother to keep him away from his addictions has been completely off his head since a warrant was issued for his arrest in March this year, the town’s magistrates heard on Tuesday.

Thomas Anthony Hanratty, 27, of Westcott Place, appeared before the court by video link, having been taken into custody earlier in the week.

The warrant was issued on March 13 after Hanratty failed to turn up at court to answer a charge of not having completed any of the 40 hours of unpaid work to which he was sentenced in January.

In mitigation, solicitor Sambreen Arif told the magistrates Hanratty had been struggling with a drink and crack addiction for some time.

When he was living with his mother she would not allow him to feed his addictions and would help him to stay off drugs but he would frequently leave his mothers and go off for long periods, going back only to collect his mail, Ms Arif said.

Ms Arif said Hanratty had told her on Tuesday: “I’ve been on one, in a really bad place, completely off my head.”

She added however that Hanratty was coming out of that black hole, was now back with his mother and wanted to be re-engaged with the probation service.

“I have known him for a while and can confidently tell you his mum is totally focussed with him,” Ms Arif said.

“It is always a positive step for him when he is with his mum.”

Chairman Amanda Lee told Hanratty the bench took a very, very dim view of his lack of compliance with the community order.

He was sentenced to a further 20 hours of unpaid work and to 15 rehabilitation activity days.

“You will be doing this,” the chairman told him. “If you come back the outcome will be different. Do what is required.”

Hanratty was ordered to pay £60 court costs.