A 28-YEAR-OLD man who abused a bus driver and fellow passengers when he was drunk on a bus in Swindon last month was in breach of a court order, magistrates heard this week.

Frederick Pudduck, of Deacon Street, pleaded guilty before magistrates in Swindon to breaching a criminal behaviour order imposed last year not to cause harm or distress to others or to enter licenced premises.

Prosecutor Vyvyan Thatcher told the court that at 8.40pm on May 22 police were called to a bus stop in Woodshaw where Pudduck was reported to be abusing the driver and passengers on the No 59 bus.

There they found Pudduck with empty beer cans in a bag and he was shouting at passengers waiting for a bus.

A report from the probation service informed the bench that Pudduck had until the day of the bus incident been doing well in completing the conditions of a previous sentence. He had been attending the rehabilitation activity days ordered and had completed 60 hours of unpaid work.

The magistrates described Pudduck’s relapse as an unfortunate incident.

He was ordered to attend a further five rehabilitation activity days and complete another 30 hours of unpaid work within 12 months, together with an order to pay a victim surcharge of £85.

“You are doing well,” bench chairman Diana Crockett told him. “So keep it up.”