For the young Andy Louis ELO's Discovery album was a real coming of age soundtrack.

The lead singer and guitarist with The ELO Experience was a huge fan of the Electric Light Orchestra's symphonic rock, as a teenager.

It was this love of the futuristic rock, pop and classical mix that inspired him to create a whole stage show, along with big screen projection, full light show and a glamorous all-girl string section including cello and violin.

Andy teamed up with Steve Hemsley, keyboards and vocalist in the band and musical director for the show, to produce the homage to Jeff Lynne and ELO.

Andy said: "It is Steve that pulls the show together as per the record. We try to recreate the record exactly, even getting Tony Lawson our percussionist to use a fire extinguisher for a certain sound, as they did in Mr Blue Sky. There is lots of stuff they do on the record to create their sound and luckily our musical director has a good ear.

"Our latest show is based on the Out Of The Blue album which marks its 40th birthday this year, although there is one number from Jeff Lynne's 2015 album called When I Was A Boy.''

The band will be performing numbers such as Sweet Talking Women, Across The Border, Wild West Hero and other hits such as Diary of Horace Wimp, Don't Bring Me Down and Evil woman when they come to Swindon's Wyvern Theatre at the end of this month.

The ELO Experience were invited to the Walk of Stars Ceremony where they got to speak to Jeff Lynn, who already knew about them.

Andy said: "He was interested as we are keeping his music alive.''

Andy's other idol growing up was Elvis. He began a tribute band to the king of rock 'n' roll, but says that portraying Jeff Lynne, in looks at least, is much easier.

"I wasn't a look-a-like with Elvis, but I did sound like him, Jeff is easier all you need is a beard and dark glasses and it's do-able,'' he said.

The singer also dabbled in the corporate world which helps him run the business side of the ELO Experience.

"We keep everything in-house,'' he said. "My background was corporate but I went back to music, I had a vision and started singing in pubs, learning to perform in front of an audience. I lived in Hull and performed three or four times a week.''

Andy is back fighting fit now after a health fright which landed him in Scunthorpe Hospital, whose care he can not praise enough.

"They were the stars,'' he said. "I got a bit of a shock, I was playing squash and felt a bit odd and then had this pain in my side. It would have been very easy to ignore it but I went to hospital and they said it was a heart attack. I had three stents inserted. Luckily I made a full recovery and I am now back doing my sport, but not squash. I play football and cricket.''

Other members of the band are Pete Smith on bass and Jan Christiansen on lead guitar. Jan appeared in the musical Starlight Express but Andy says they have banned roller skates from the ELO Experience.

Andy says he is looking forward to returning to Swindon as the band always get a warm reception.

Tickets to see The ELO Experience Back Into The Blue at the Wyvern Theatre on Friday, July 28 from 7.30pm are £25.50 from 01793 524481 or visit - Flicky Harrison