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Greenest government?

The Conservative Party that Robert Buckland and Justin Tomlinson represent promised in 2010 to be ‘the greenest government ever.’ Since then they have forced through motions to introduce fracking on communities which is proven to be very dangerous.

In Lancashire tens of thousands of people signed a petition against the scheme and the county council worked against it.

The Government then took that power away from the council and gave fracking the go ahead anyway against the wishes of the local people and the council, overturning democracy.

In America and Australia it has already caused widespread, serious pollution to land, water and air. It has also caused earthquakes yet both Swindon MPs along with their party colleagues voted for fracking anyway.

People in Lancashire are finding it impossible to sell their houses as no one wants to live near a fracking site.

The ‘greenest government ever’ even cut investment into environment friendly alternatives like solar power and wind farms. Profit before people appears to be the mantra.

The only hope to stop this destructive activity is to elect a Labour government that will put people’s health and quality of life before profit.


The tears of Theresa

So Theresa May tells us that she shed ‘a tear or two’ when her husband told her the result of the election exit poll.

I wonder if she has ever shed a tear or two for the million plus who regularly use food banks, for all those who sleep on the streets of the UK each night, for the 2,000 who have died since 2010 who have been declared ‘fit to work’ and had their benefits stopped.

What about the estimated 5,000 adults and children who lost their lives in the Mediterranean whilst trying to escape war, persecution and poverty? The thousands of deaths in Yemen killed by British bombs, or the immigrants she targeted in her mobile billboard campaign in 2014 telling ‘illegal immigrants to go home or face arrest’? The victims of the Grenfell Tower fire? Has Theresa May ever shed a tear for the misery and destruction the Tories have created since coming to power in 2010?

This vicar’s daughter shed a ‘tear or two’ in self pity on election night because she realised her time as PM would soon be coming to an end.

MARTIN WEBB, Swindon Road, Old Town

Decision was wrong

Why should London be able to revise a decision to build houses off Marlborough Road (Adver July 15)? What is the point of having elections for councillors to act on our behalf if when they refuse permission, the builders appeal and the Secretary of State then gives it the OK?

It is very wrong and then for them to say there was a shortfall in housing in Swindon is utter rubbish. There are houses going up everywhere.

What do they know in London about the infrastructure needed locally?  We who live in Swindon have a job to see a doctor now and hospital appointments are a long wait.

Mind your own business London. Once permission has been refused there shouldn’t be any appeal. Leave what green space we have alone.

MRS L TOWNSEND, Redcliffe Street, Rodbourne