FOLLOWING Monday night's documentary, entitled 999: What's Your Emergency?, in which the racial prejudices of people in Swindon were fully exposed, the Adver caught up with one victim of a racist attack who was featured in the programme.

In one particularly shocking incident, viewers saw shopkeeper Sivalingam Rajan, owner of Nythe Mini Market, viciously assaulted and subjected to racial slurs by 24-year-old Sophie Quinn.

After being told she was 10p short on her purchase, Quinn launched a savage tirade at the innocent shopkeeper, hurling highly offensive racial slurs at him before punching him twice in the head.

She told Sri Lankan-born Sivalingam, who has lived in Swindon for the past 17 years, to go back to his country and questioned why he should be in Britain anyway.

But when asked about last June’s referendum on membership of the European Union, a clueless Quinn replied: “I didn’t watch it, things like that I don’t get involved with – nothing to do with me." 

Speaking to the Adver yesterday, Sivalingam said: “Nobody has ever said anything like that to me before.

"It was very shocking, I couldn’t believe it. But I’m not afraid – I won’t let it frighten me.”