SWINDON’S silhouette may not be known the world over.

But for those brave enough to abseil down a town centre hotel’s 130-foot wall, there was still plenty to gawp at.

On a sunny Sunday morning, you could see beyond the town to the Ridgeway and South Marston from the roof of Jury’s Inn on Fleming Way.

More than 200 brave souls were roped down an exterior wall of the hotel this weekend - all in aid of Swindon’s 1st Dorcan Scout Group, based in Liden and Eldene.

The group, which has over 70 children and adult leaders on its books, organised the two-day abseil event to raise money for new climbing gear.

By Sunday morning, the quirky fundraising push had already seen £3,500 donated to the group.

“We’re fundraising for the climbing equipment so that we don’t have to pass the costs on to parents,” said Kathy Perrotin, 47, a scout leader for six years.

Theresa Polden, 59, has been a scout leader for 26 years - just six years after the 1st Dorcan group was founded.

She said: “We have some children who have come from single parent homes. We subsidise our camps.”

Paula Russell, 43, from Fairford, was one of the first to walk down the wall on Sunday morning.

“It was awesome,” she smiled. “It was just exciting being up that high and looking down. I thought: ‘just go for it’.”

Another scout group, 1st Rodbourne Cheney, were abseiling the wall to raise money for a defibrillator unit for their scout hall.

Sarah French, 56, assistant scout leader at Rodbourne Cheney, said of taking to the wall for the cause: “It was my idea unfortunately; I was desperate to get a defibrillator for our scout group.

“I’ve never done anything this high before. Once I get over the edge it should be fine - but it’s just getting over the edge.”

Menyee Doyle’s son David, 10, scaled the 130-foot wall on Saturday. The Eldene mum-of-two, 41, who volunteers with the 1st Dorcan group, said: “Before the day came he was quite confident - but as it came closer, he was more nervous.

“He was glad he did it. But I think he’d think twice before doing it again.”