TINY Kerry is bounding back after a devastating pregnancy that saw her lose three puppies.

The titchy Chihuahua-Dachshund cross was heavily pregnant when she was given to SN Dogs. Her previous owners were unable to afford the vet bills.

Kerry was given an emergency caesarean section, revealing three stillborn puppies. “One of them was half the size of her,” said Jessie.

The excruciating pain of the labour and the invasive surgery left the tiny dog seriously sick. Kerry had to wear nappies for several days and take drugs for calcium deficiency.

But the tiny dog is on the mend – and settling in well in her new foster home.

Jessie said that after Kerry’s nappies came off “she came out of her shell”.

“She runs around like a little rocket,” said Jessie.

Her tiny size means that she can get a little chilly - even in the British summer. “The foster family made her a little jumper out of a welly sock.”

Now, SN Dogs are hoping to raise £500 to help cover the costs of Kerry’s veterinary care – which overall have been reckoned at £700.

“She’s worth every penny,” said Jessie.

Kerry is currently being fostered – but no decision has yet been made about finding her a permanent home. Jessie said: “We’ll have to see how she recovers.”

To find out more about Kerry and SN Dogs, visit: www.facebook.com/SNDogs-233396620011131.