THE second film of Swindon Film Society’s 75th Anniversary season is the sumptuous French inter-war drama Frantz, showing this Wednesday at 7.45pm at the Swindon Arts Centre.

Set in 1919, the film tells the story of Anna, a German woman grieving the death of her lover Frantz in World War I, who is shocked when his grave is visited by a young Frenchman claiming he was close friends with Frantz before the war.

Gradually the beguiling young Frenchman becomes more and more entangled in the lives of both Anna and of Frantz’s grieving parents. The stories he wistfully recounts about his and Frantz’s pre-war exploits together in Paris duly captivate the mourning Germans, but, with more than a nod to Hitchcock, the film gradually forces them to wonder whether the narrative they’re being given is entirely truthful or hiding an altogether different story.

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