DOCTORS are getting ready to bring a life-changing HIV drugs trial to Swindon.

The Great Western Hospital is expected to be one of the sites for the new clinical trial.

The drug, called pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), is taken by those who do not have HIV – but might be at higher risk of contracting the virus.

The PrEP pills work by tackling the HIV virus when it enters the body. HIV is most commonly transmitted through unprotected sex.

NHS England are funding a clinical trial of the new drugs, handing them out to an estimated 10,000 people across England as part of a three-year drugs trial.

The Adver has already revealed that the GWH expected to be chosen as one of the sites where the new drugs will be tested.

This week GWH doctors said they would be offering the drug “very soon”.

Initially, the drug would be offered to a “small selection” of patients – expected to be fewer than two dozen. Almost 300 people were receiving treatment for HIV in Swindon last year.

Dr Sophie Forsyth, sexual health consultant at GWH, said: “The PrEP trial is a very exciting advancement in HIV medicine and could be a potential game changer to how the disease is treated for future generations.

“We’re currently getting ready to offer the treatment to a small selection of patients and hope to be in a position to do so very soon.”

The update comes as health workers around the country mark HIV testing week, aimed at promoting regular testing for the virus.

In Swindon, they are encouraging people to take a home HIV blood test. The free kit uses a finger-prick method to allow people to test themselves at home. It can be ordered from