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War really was hell

JH Oliver makes some sensible comments in his latest letter when he draws attention to the misery arising from death in wars. The point of contention in the debate about remembrance is about whether celebrating British militarism is the best way to remember, or should we rather take a long hard look at the motives of British rulers when they sacrifice young people, usually from working class backgrounds, to their greedy pursuit of profit? JH’s nostalgia for marching up and down and boot shining has no relevance to this debate.

It does have to be said that JH’s claim that the “entire intake” of those conscripted under so called “national service” shared his “sense of pride” is false. I have certainly had plenty of conversations with conscripts who long remained angry at the waste of time forced on them.

Finally, on World War 2, since JH seems unaware of it, the appeasement of fascism by Britain’s rulers runs deeper than Chamberlain’s “peace in our time”. British rulers had supported Mussolini, supported Franco and supported Hitler. When he took over, Churchill was hated by his own Tory party, most of whom would have happily collaborated with Hitler.

The official body Mass Observation found a majority viewing the war in radical terms which explicitly challenged the “old gang” who ran society. And as the War ended the British Government were keen to put Nazi collaborators into office to prevent democratic anti-fascist forces gaining any ground. In Greece for example British forces helped to reinstall a fascist regime against the anti-Nazi resistance at a time while the war actually continued.

PETER SMITH, Woodside Avenue, Swindon

Show us the money

Car park charges in hospitals are a financial obscenity to any caring human society. Bus lanes are a money machine extraction from loyal law abiding citizens. And car parking charges. The last time I entered the town centre on a very slow Wednesday afternoon there was a parking attendant lurking around my car with three minutes to go on my ticket. Why? I am a law abiding citizen, not a habitual criminal. I was spending money in the town centre. Conclusion, do not enter Swindon town centre unless absolutely necessary.

Finally, one question. Where is all this money extracted by the powers that be from us all, from all Swindon citizens? Single mothers with children. Parents with handicapped children. Senior citizens on a limited income. Where is it going ?

BILL WILLIAMS, Merlin Way, Covingham

Wedding plans

AFTER the news had broken about Harry and Meghan’s engagement, everyone is really anxious to know the date of the Royal Wedding. We need a date so we can make arrangements - and I can book a holiday to Australia... or New Zealand... or Borneo...

J WALTERS, Stratton St Margaret