FERAL kids with sensitive skin inspired Joana Jensen to set up her baby toiletries firm.

Seven years on, her Childs Farm brand – which makes moisturisers and soaps for babies and children – will bring smiles to the faces of new Christmas mums.

The firm has donated 60 skincare bundles to the Great Western Hospital’s special care baby unit – the ward where Swindon’s sickest new arrivals are posted.

Childs Farm founder Joanna Jensen said: “We’ve had a really good year thanks to the success of our baby moisturiser and we wanted to give something back.

“It’s quite emotional going onto the neonatal ward, with some very tiny babies. I could cry at the drop of a hat when I see a baby. And when you look at all these incredibly brave parents it’s quite humbling.”

Childs Farm makes toiletries designed specifically for youngsters with sensitive skin.

The firm started after Joanna’s struggles with her own children, who both suffered from the condition.

Describing her children – who grew up on the family’s Hampshire farm – as “semi-feral”, Joanna said: “I could never get them to wash.”

Her company’s products, with their labels sporting pictures of the family’s own animals, are aimed firmly at youngsters.

GWH is one of 35 hospitals across the country where the bundles, comprising soaps and moisturisers, will be left over December.

Catherine Newman, head of fundraising for GWH, said of the gift: “For anyone coming to hospital, it’s not an easy place to be. For mums especially it’s a worrying time. They can be here for weeks on end.

“Having a gift like this means that you can have that moment to pamper yourself and your baby.”