WILTSHIRE Police Force has been rated ‘Good’ for the way it treats the public following the publication of a report.

The Police Legitimacy report highlights the force’s commitment to treating both the public and its employees with fairness and respect.

It highlights the way in which Wiltshire Police’s leadership has focused on values and ethics, influencing the way staff and officers interact with the public.

The report states: “The force is a values-based organisation and has firmly established ethics and values.

“Chief officers are visible to the workforce and communicate the values they expect from officers and staff in many ways, including blogs, leadership events and regular chief constable roadshows.

“Officers and staff spoke positively of these events and the importance of using the force’s values in their interactions with the public.”

Staff and officers were also praised for their communication skills, using coercive powers fairly and respectfully, scrutinising use of force, and seeking feedback from the public.

Police And Crime Commissioner Angus Macpherson welcomed the report and said he welcomed the report and was pleased with the findings.

He said: “This report makes for very positive reading and I am pleased the force has retained its Good grading.

“The findings of HMIC certainly reflect the impression I have of the way officers and staff work, and the way the organisation has approached a commitment to treating everyone with fairness and respect.

“The culture of the workforce isn’t something that can be bought. It is something that has to be led from the top and trained from the bottom, and it requires time, dedication and determination.”

The areas highlighted for improvement were the understanding and recording of stop and search powers, making sure all sections of the community can easily access the complaints system, and seeking external challenge from independent advisory groups.

The report also highlights Chief Constable Mike Veale’s role in leading the way in ensuring ethics and values have been established in the force.

Mr Veale said: “I am immensely proud to be chief constable of Wiltshire Police and this is largely because of the workforce we have.”