FIVE Highworth Scouts and their scout leader have been selected for an international jamboree in America - but they need to raise £24,000 to cover the costs.

The 1st Highworth Scouts wrapped presents and washed and valeted dozens of cars at their hut on Saturday to raise £552for the trip.

Elliot Scott, Ellen Bailey, Evie Harper, Daniel Triggs and Finola Durnin-Duffy were chosen to go to the World Scout Jamboree in West Virginia, USA in July 2019 with their scout leader Matthew Mollart.

The are part of the 44 scouts from Wiltshire that are heading across the pond to have a go at adventurous outdoor activities and experience the different cultures of thousands of other scouts from across the globe.

Each participant in the jamboree must raise £4,000 to fund their journey to the two-week festival and help subsidise the cost of the trip for scouts from poorer countries.

Scout leader Matthew said: “I’m ecstatic, I’ve been to the two previous jamborees, once as a participant and once as staff, and having the opportunity to take these young people to one of them is a dream come true for me.

“We’ve had more cars than we were expecting today, it’s been very well-supported, this gets us out there and helps us get seen.”

Adam Triggs. assistant group scout leader for Highworth, said: “It’s been a very successful day, we’ll definitely do it again in the new year.

“They first found that they were going in November, they’re so excited but they know they’ll have to work really hard to raise the money, it will be quite a challenge for them.

“This is the biggest fundraising event we’ve done so far and we are open to suggestions for future events.

Elliot’s mum Claire said: “We’ve started well, we’ve gone in all guns blazing.

“My oldest son was selected for the last Jamboree and we managed to raise enough for him to go, so I’m optimistic that we’ll do it again.”

Adam added: “Samuel Miles estate agents have pledged some money, we’re really chuffed and would welcome anything that people would be prepared to donate for the trip.”

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