WILDLIFE rescue workers nursing more than 150 hedgehogs too weak to survive the winter on their own have been given a batch of food specially formulated for the little creatures.

Oak and Furrows issued an appeal for help with food after being inundated with hoglets, which is when animal care firm Spike’s World stepped up to offer 75kg of its own recipe food.

Lucie Kay, centre administrator at Oak and Furrows’ Blakehill base said: “The food provided by Spike’s will be used every day – it’s a great help. Spike’s is highly nutritional and is just what the hedgehogs need to support their good health over winter.”

A similar donation was made to Wiltshire Wildlife Hospital at Salisbury, which is facing a similar hoglet problem.

The firm’s brand manager, Camille Ashforth, said it wanted to play its part. “These charities are doing great work and deserve every possible help, and we’re delighted to do our bit.

“The hoglets need the best possible diet to help them to grow to a weight in which they are safe to be set back into the wild, and Spike’s provides just that.

Animal rescue centres across the country have been inundated with baby hedgehogs born too late in the year to fend for themselves.

Unable to feed up in time for their winter hibernation, they have been found by householders who have taken them to the experts.

Young hedgehogs need to weigh about 600g to survive the winter, but many are being found at as little as 300g.

Caring for huge numbers of hedgehogs has put Oak and Furrows under financial pressure and there was a fear that it could have to close its doors before Christmas.

But a £50,000 fundraising appeal is around halfway to its target and staff hope it will be reached by February.

To donate visit oandf.co.uk