THESE adorable dogs are looking for new homes for the New Year in Swindon - and many spent their first Christmas away from loving families.

The newest arrival at SNDogs was Barney, who was given up by a man who became homeless and could no longer keep him.

Kind-hearted Jessie Bascombe, 39, spent Christmas Day organising veterinary treatment for a dog named Spike, who belonged to another homeless man and sadly had to be put to sleep two days later.

The selfless volunteer, who set up SNDogs six years ago, is hoping to find new homes for dogs in the care of temporary foster homes, including Daisy, a 12-year-old Miniature Schnauze, and Alan, a one-eyed Lurcher.

Tragically, Daisy and another pet, Jessie, a Boxer-Collie cross, aged 14 years, both spent their first Christmas away from a family home after both their owners died.

And Pip, a black Labrador, aged seven, also faced a similarly lonely festive season.

Jessie said: “We had a dog that came in, Barney, a little terrier, who needs rehoming because his owner became homeless and could no longer keep him.

“And we had another dog handed in, Pip, who had never been inside a house - it’s unthinkable in this day and age.

“You just don’t think people would leave dogs outside at night.

“For Daisy, Jessie and Pip it was the same story - their lives have changed so much.

“They’ve come in from homes with another dog and an owner, and this is their first Christmas alone.”

Alan, who has costly health problems, was rehomed temporarily before being returned to SNDogs after circumstances changed.

And for little Taco, a mongrel, his health condition Leishmaniasis means that he needs to be given a tablet on a daily basis, the cost of which is covered by the charity.

Alan was re-homed once by the charity, but it did not work out and he was returned to their care.

Jessie said: “On Christmas Day a homeless man’s dog was sick and we arranged to take it to the vet.

“I arranged for someone to pick him up on Christmas Day, and we paid for treatment.

“Sadly two days later Spike had to be put to sleep as he had liver and kidney failure but his owner, Chris, was there by his side.”

Generous donors raised £250 to cover the costs of treatment for Spike, a six-year-old Staffie-cross owned by Chris O’Donnell, who’s benefits had been stopped as he had no phone charger.

Jessie added: “The public were amazing in donating what we needed to help. There’s never enough to help all the dogs that need it.

“We started taking in dogs from abroad a couple of years ago. A lot of our dogs are from Swindon but they come from all over the UK too.”