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Worth another go

Des Morgan is an intelligent, intuitive and passionate commentator, on all things Swindon and especially on the hapless Borough Council and I thoroughly enjoy his contributions… but on the EU question he seems both irrational as well as misguided.

It may surprise Des to know that I don’t actually like the present EU. It is a rambling, out-of-control behemoth, dedicated to creating a single European superstate. But a reformed EU, incorporating the best of civilised values, tolerance, fairness, the rule of law, democracy, honesty, integrity, a concern for the planet, could spell a sparkling future for all the people of Europe. Instead of undermining it at every turn, we should have been carefully working with like-minded Governments to sort the nonsense out, and get the Commission properly back under Parliament’s control.

In this country we vote every five years to ascertain the most up-to-date ‘will of the people’ because on occasions, not always, that will changes and a new direction is determined. People do change their minds.

I don’t either want to rely on numbers, the fact 16.1 million plus 12.9 million did NOT vote to leave the EU, dwarfing the 17 million leave vote and that anecdotally, those who didn’t vote, did not because they felt remaining was a racing certainty. No Des, what I don’t get is this. You’re an acknowledged and proud democrat, so why is the idea of a second referendum, once the terms and conditions of Brexit have been clarified, such anathema? The fear is truly palpable in your correspondence, whenever the subject of a second and final ‘poll of the people’ is suggested… and not just you.

You and I know that the Brexit vote was a freak outcome and is unlikely to be repeated.

How do you all square the conundrum that a democratic vote before the terms and conditions of Brexit were known is absolutely definitive and unquestionable, yet an equally democratic vote after we all fully understand the terms and conditions is absolutely unconscionable? Is it that the hastily conducted vote based on exaggeration, fear mongering, outright lies as well as widespread ignorance IS democracy yet a final vote based on knowledge and understanding of the real life consequences IS NOT and worse is consistently portrayed as a sinister and devious plot designed to undermine the very essence of democracy?

So the final question to you Des is this: Do you sincerely believe a vote based on manifest ignorance has more legitimacy than a vote once the actual consequences of leaving the EU have been worked out, agreed and are clearly understood by the whole electorate?


Closure is a sad loss

I WAS very saddened to read of the demise of the live music venue The Rolleston Arms. As a musician who has a deep passion for live music it comes as a sadness. Over the years since the 60s I have played live music with various bands in all the major venues in town, most no longer operating. I sincerely hope that all remaining live music venues in town can keep operating. Keep music live.

MR CJ MEEK, Cloche Way, Upper Stratton