A ONE-MAN rubbish-busting machine has been praised for clearing up other people’s fly-tipped waste.

A Good Samaritan has been spotted trawling the streets of Swindon picking up discarded rubbish, gathering it together and taking it to the tip, entirely of his own accord.

In a video widely shared on social media, the mystery man is seen casually walking along Fleming Way with a carrier bag in one hand and a large piece of cardboard in the other.

He is then seen dumping the rubbish on the pavement beside kitchen appliances and other sacks of waste previously discarded.

At first, it was assumed that the unknown man was fly-tipping.

However, in a slight twist, it appears he is actually a Good Samaritan who regularly helps the community by picking up what others have left behind.

Facebook user Robert Webber said: “I don’t think he’s fly-tipping. I do believe he’s collecting other people’s rubbish that’s been thrown onto our streets and putting it into one pile.”

Lisa Huckin agreed. She said: “He’s trying to help. He lives round by me. He’s always picking up other people’s rubbish and putting it in the bin.”

One person even suggested he ought to be paid for his trouble.

The mystery man had the full support of a former parish councillor, who also patrols his local area picking up other people’s trash.

In a proud show of solidarity, John Stooke, of Haydon Wick, told the Adver: “If local people get out and do little things like that, it makes the whole place better. I think it’s great. Good for him.”

Speaking about why he gives up his time to keep his parish clean, John said: “I don’t like seeing rubbish on the streets, and picking it up is quite good exercise.

“I like to walk, and if I do two hours’ litter picking, I feel pretty good afterwards.”

The council also poured cold water on any suggestion that the man was breaking the law..

A spokesman from Swindon Borough Council said: “The gentleman concerned is known to us and has also been moving waste in this manner in other parts of Swindon.

“He has told us he moves the waste to be helpful, and although we are grateful for his consideration we have advised him to report any fly-tipped waste he comes across to us, and we will remove it from that location.

“If the waste is left in situ we are also better placed to carry out any investigations so we can catch the perpetrators.”