AN EXCITED crowd gathered inside WH Smiths on Saturday for a chance to meet reality show star Charlotte Crosby.

Eager fans holding copies of her new health and fitness book '30 Minute Blitz' lined up ready to see the Just Tattoo of Us presenter and former Geordie Shore regular arrive for a book signing.

Amy Greening and Natasha Benwell were at the front of the queue.

Amy said: "She's inspirational., a lot of people don't like her but she's ditzy and funny and she's done really well for herself."

Natasha said: "I think I'm going to be too star-struck to talk.

"She's my idol, I have so much love for her, I've bought her DVDs, her clothes, the lot."

A murmur of excitement rippled through the crowd when staff announced that she was in the building.

Charlotte arrived in good spirits a few minutes later than scheduled, smiling and waving at her audience as intrigued shoppers browsing the bookshelves looked on.

Cameraphones flashed and a cheer rose up from the crowd as she sat down, put some music on and shouted "It's the weekend!"

Charlotte signed books and met her fans for a few hours before hurrying off to her next meet-and-greet in Cardiff which was later that day.

Amy and Natasha grinned as they walked away with a selfie and a signed book each.

Amy added: "She was amazing, usually when I go to book signings the people don't talk a lot but she was really nice and we had a great chat."

Natasha added: "I'm shaking, I was so excited, it's the highlight of my life, I think."

Caitlan Kyson was also over the moon when she met Charlotte, who has released a number of DVDs and books about weight-loss and fitness since leaving Geordie Shore.

Caitlan said: "I first saw her in Geordie Shore and after that I watched anything and everything that included her name, I went a bit Charlotte crazy.

"She was lovely, and luckily I had a day off today - as a teaching assistant, my weekends are usually tied up."

Kerry Ackrill, WH Smiths store manager, said: "There hasn't been a book signing here for a couple of years.

"It's really exciting and the turnout has been very good.

"One of our staff, Emma, volunteered to come into work today because she loves Charlotte.

"Hopefully we will have some more signings here in the future."