WILTSHIRE Wildlife Trust is challenging people to go waste free for February.

The initiative is aimed at encouraging householders to ensure every piece of waste their homes produce can be recycled, reused or composted in some form or another rather than ending up in black bins and heading for landfill sites.

Gemma Annan from the trust’s waste education team last year persuaded some of her colleagues to take on the challenge and she managed to limit her waste to the size of a small jam jar. The project also taught her some habits she has stuck with since then.

She said: “Waste Free February is challenging, but a challenge very worthwhile committing to. I found myself shopping at several different stores and markets to achieve my goal. This really proved what a wasteful society we live in. However, by being a conscientious shopper it opened my eyes and helped me adopt some everyday waste-reducing changes which I have continued through the year.”

She added: “I encourage everyone to take part this February, if only for a day or a week. By sharing your journey you can play a role in changing the amount of waste we as a society are producing.”

Anyone wanting to join in or looking for ways to reduce waste from the home can follow WiltsWasteWatch on Facebook or SlimBinsWilts on Twitter. Information is also on the trust’s website.