HIGHWORTH is hoping to attract more tourists as it develops a new strategy to bring in more tourism revenue.

Phil Baker from the Highworth Community Partnership Group made a presentation to councillors about what could attract tourists.

This included the town's Georgian buildings, St Michael's Church, High Street, and free car parks.

He said: "The Cotswolds get 20 million visitors per year, a lot of people come back to the Cotswolds but never discover Highworth.

"This is a hidden gem, it has a lot going for it and it's ideally-suited to develop."

He suggested that the council pay £760 for a year's membership to Visit Wiltshire but councillors decided to investigate the website further before making any payments.

Cllr Julia Bishop said: "I applaud what you are doing but it must be done carefully, a lot of people love Highworth because it's not a tourist hub."

Cllr Maureen Penny expressed concern that more tourists would lead to more congestion on the roads and asked what the benefits would be for locals.

Phil replied: "The High Street needs regenerating, there's not much diversity and there would be with more tourists." Cllr Penny dismissed the answer for being too speculative.