CHILDREN are calling out their doctors and nurses for “pants” care. 

A new scheme on Great Western Hospital’s children’s unit sees young patients asked to give feedback – using an innovative method.

They are given two paper cut-outs. On the shapes of “tops” they are asked to write the things they liked, while a pair of Y-Fronts is for aspects of their care they feel is “pants”. The feedback sheets are then hung on a washing line in the ward.

At a meeting of GWH’s board of directors last week, executives got to sample the praise and the criticisms received by staff on the children’s unit.

One parent wrote on a “top”: “You are all amazing. Thank you for looking after our baby girl, Amelia. We are beyond grateful. You have been so caring, informative, helpful and kind to us.” 

However, one less than impressed child said they were “missing my friends and family”. Another said they disliked “Blood tests, needles, being in pain, without mummy and daddy and sisters.”

Chief nurse Hilary Walker said the scheme was lovely. She said: “We’re getting some feedback directly from children and sometimes their siblings.”

Claire Evans, ward manager at the Children's Unit, said: “It’s really lovely to hear what the children have to say as we are always looking to improve the ward experience.

“The children love it and last month we had a full washing line.

“It’s great because you hear the child’s voice, most of the feedback we collect is written by their parents.”

Dr Guy Rooney, medical director, joked at last week's board meeting: “They’re rolling it out across the wards.”