A MOVING story of love and devotion, triumph and tragedy will be broadcast over the airwaves tomorrow.

Popular radio host Dave Woods, of Swindon 105.5, produced a special documentary entitled Finding Love: Against All Odds to mark LGBT History Month 2018, which lasts throughout February.

The documentary tells the story of a transgender couple from Swindon and explores the issues surrounding gender dysphoria, the processes of transitioning and how the couple met and fell in love.

The ever inquisitive producer Dave, who is very excited about sharing the couples’ story with listeners in his 30 minute Valentine’s Day feature, said: “It is really quite unique for a couple to both undergo gender reassignment, and I wanted to learn more about their stories.

“I approached Kris and Tazmin and asked them if they would share their journey with me, which they candidly did. The programme, I hope, will highlight the issues that the transgender community face, and how both of them have overcome adversity, especially as February is LGBT History Month.”

Tazmin, 44, was born male while her partner, 49-year-old Kristian, was born female. Both are undergoing genders transition.

In an informative and frank programme, the couple share their stories of growing up and realising they were born in the wrong bodies.

The couple, who got engaged in 2015, plan to marry once they have completed the transition.

Tazmin, who turned to self-harming as a teenager, explains just how difficult it was growing up.

She told Dave: “This process was a step in the right direction for me. I still find it difficult to talk about these things, but I have nothing to hide. It’s a good feeling, now I can be myself.” Kristian has been living as Kristian for just over three years.

LGBT History Month is celebrated every year by people from all walks of life. It aims to promote tolerance and raise awareness of the prejudices faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

Finding Love: Against All Odds will be broadcast at 3.25pm on Wednesday, February 14 on Swindon 105.5 and will be available as a podcast afterwards.