A 112-bed hotel bid has been given the nod by parish councillors.

Hotel giant Hilton want to build a hotel from their business-focussed “Hampton” line in the former Paragon Laundry site on Aylesbury Street.

Previous attempts to build flats and a hotel on the site have proven controversial with residents and councillors.

But on Tuesday night, parish councillors raised no objections to the six-storey hotel. It followed a presentation to the council given by developers last month.

Coun Steve Allsopp of South Swindon Parish Council, said: “In the light of the detail we had in terms of the presentation, it’s not stellar but considering this overall integration of the Paragon Laundry site, I thought it was as sensitively done as it could be - given that we’re talking about a bog-standard or normal offer that comes from the hotel chain.”

The only concern raised by councillors was over a coach drop-off point outside the hotel’s Station Road frontage. However, they did not seem to think that the space would be much used by coaches.

Last month, Peter Lawson of land agents Turley, presented plans for the hotel at a meeting of the parish’s planning committee.

He told councillors that lessons had been learned from earlier bids to develop the Grade II listed former dairy works site. This had led to architects reducing the overall size of the hotel from that previously planned

“It’s a stepped design, designed to reduce the impact on Haydon Street properties. The overall bulk and scale of the building is quite substantially reduced,” Mr Lawson said, adding that the historic building frontage would be retained.

Developers said that the hotel could bring up to 90 new jobs. They hope that, if planning approval is granted, the hotel would open by autumn 2019.