A FLORIST is returning to her routes after opening her own shop at the site she used to work when she was a teenager.

Emma Davies, 44, has set-up her own shop, Flower Meadow Florist in Thames Avenue, at what was formerly Bonnie’s.

Both Emma and her colleague Karen Love worked for Bonnie’s in their younger days days before moving to a shop at the Stratton crossroads. But Emma since decided it was finally time to branch out and open her own business, which she duly did in December last year.

Emma said: “Working for Bonnie’s and attending Lackham College has given me the skills and experience needed to be able to run my own business. I have learnt so much and I just felt the time was right to go it on my own and have a go at running a business of my own.”

From the age of 13, Emma has always dreamt of running her own business, and so far she is thoroughly enjoying the experience.

She said: “The reaction has been really positive so far. Things are slowly starting to build up and the future is very exciting.”

And the Valentine’s Day period, with Mother’s Day just around the corner, is of course a busy time of the year for Swindon’s florists.

“It has been very busy so far, but it’s good to see that people are coming in.”

Emma added: “I am so excited to be back where it all started and to be here with my own business is great.”

For more information about the shop, log on to www.theflowermeadowswindon.co.uk.