A SWINDON-based coffee shop is set to become a common sight all over the country after signing deals to expand to 22 extra locations.

Triple Two Coffee celebrated its first birthday last August.

In the months since then, the founders of the family business have been hard at work trying to spread their success to other towns and cities.

After opening a second Swindon branch in The Crossing in March, the chain will also set up shop in Glasgow and Nottingham.

Sites in Oxford, Bath, Bristol, Cirencester, and four parts of London are also in the pipeline, and there’s already a branch in South Cerny.

Triple Two's director and co-founder David Hodgetts said: "It's been full-on, it's gone way above what we expected.

"By December 2017, we had 12 franchises on board and since then we've added another 10.

"At this rate, we could have at least 30 franchises by the end of the year and the goal is to have 24 open by 2019."

David's dad Graham is chairman of the company.

He said: "We're like a hybrid of Costa and Pret A Manger, we serve great coffee and fresh food.

"I think this is the fastest-growing food and drink chain in the country - certainly the fastest-growing new franchise.

"At the moment, we employ 20 people and we're recruiting, and launching a new menu next month."

Swindon is chock-full of coffee shops and the industry is very competitive, yet Triple Two has become a popular local hotspot and is growing at a remarkable rate.

David pondered the secrets to the business' success.

He added: "The market shows that consumers want better food options.

"Mature, established chains can't change too much to offer this, but as a new brand, we can, so we really started at the right time.

"We've carved out a niche in a populated market.

"I don't think there's another new franchise with such good infrastructure, we're a stable and successful business, things are looking good for the future."