PUPILS who wrote 671 lyrical lines that became known as the West Swindon Long Poem are getting together again for a film to mark its 20th anniversary.

Students from Greendown Community School and seven primaries worked together for months with English teacher Cristina Bennett and community poet Marcus Moore towards a performance at the 1998 literature festival in Swindon.

It was never published or recorded but now Mrs Bennett, community magazine editor Roger Ogle, Lydiard Park Academy teacher Cathy Urquhart and West Swindon film maker Keith Phillips are making a film of the poem being read in the studio and at locations mentioned.

Some of the poets, now in their late 20s, are already involved, but others who took part in the original effort are sought. The plan is to screen the film at the 25th festival on May 16.

Those who are interested can contact roger at roger_ogle@mac.com