A driver refused to move their parked car from outside Cricklade Fire Station, despite being asked to by firefighters.

The incident took place on Friday afternoon outside the fire station on Bath Road opposite St Sampson’s Church of England Primary School at school picking up time. 

The white Mercedes A180 was parked on the yellow hatchings outside the fire station, while other vehicles were parked on the double yellow lines on the street.

Now Royal Wootton Bassett Police have said they will try and visit the school to carry out enforcement work, while also calling on the school itself to take action.

A spokesman for Cricklade Fire Station said it was a recurring problem as they took to Twitter in a bid to prevent other parents doing the same: 

Following the incident, Royal Wootton Bassett Police called on St Sampson’s to remind parents that this was unacceptable behaviour:

Twitter uses also voiced their anger at the driver’s refusal to move their vehicle: