SCHOOL pupils were given a little taste of parliamentary democracy when MP Justin Tomlinson hosted a special assembly.

Staff and students at Rodbourne Cheney and Moredon Primary School learned all about the inner workings of parliament by passing their very own school bill.

To show the students how the parliamentary process works in practice, the North Swindon MP divided students into small groups and these groups took on the roles of various parliamentary bodies.

One side of the room became the House of Commons, the other the House of Lords.

The bill, carried by the nominated clerk, then went back and forth between Commons and Lords, with both sides disagreeing on how much extra sport they wanted.

After what is called ‘ping-pong’ between the two houses, the school’s parliament eventually passed a bill that called for more sport every week in schools.

Justin said: “It is always great to visit schools across North Swindon to talk to the students about my role as their MP, how I represent them and how parliament works.

“During these assemblies, I’ve always made sure that the students get the opportunity to learn about how laws are passed in a fun and active way.”